What wallets are supported?

We recommend MyEtherWallet.com, MetaMask, Mist, Parity and Trust for iOS. But any ERC20 compatible wallet with support for adding custom tokens should work. If in any doubt, please read the documentation for whatever wallet it is you want to use.

What information do I need to add MZG token to my wallet?

To add MZG, choose the appropriate “add token” option within your wallet and then use the following info:

Token contract: 0xfe4455fd433ed3ca025ec7c43cb8686ed89826cd
Decimals: 18
Symbol: MZG

Once you have added this info, any MZG purchased will be visible and accessible.

I see an in-app price of $0.05 quoted a lot, is this as high as MZG can go on exchanges?

No. The $0.05 price is illustrative and based upon the lowest value of any item users can purchase within the app. If anything, the $0.05 price is a floor/base price - a starting position. MZG price is free to move on exchanges in line with supply and demand, just like any other coin/token.

What is the total supply?

The total supply of MZG tokens will be 1,000,000,000.

Can I use MZI purchased during the preSale and MZG purchased during IEO or from exchanges within the app?

Yes, MZI and MZG tokens are fully supported in Moozicore app. MZI and MZG can be only move in one direction - from exchanges or wallets to the app. Once MZI and MZG are transferred to the app, cannot be moved back to exchanges or wallets. MZI and MZG on exchanges and within the app will have relative value in terms of purchase price. What we expect to happen is that as the Moozicore service grows, more MZI and MZG is tied up within the app, and the supply on exchanges lessens which places an upward demand on price.

How much can MZG be worth?

We cannot, and will not, explicitly predict what the MZG price will be. Two fundamentals have an effect on price: supply and demand. And while we can point you to other coins of a similar total supply and show you what they are trading for, each one has its own level of demand based upon its own project. So all investors must make their own judgement about what kind of market cap MZG can achieve, based on what the investor believes the potential of the Moozicore project to be. From there, you can come to your own expectations on price, based on what you expect from the project, relative to the total supply.